What is CorYoga?



The Yoga of Back Therapy

CorYoga helps you live the way you want to live
by eliminating back pain and retarding the aging process.

CorYoga’s central theme is retarding the aging process and creating a pain free back and spine using an Aerial Sling.

CorYoga combines the many benefits of yoga stretching, breathing and mental concentration with a gentle but challenging fitness workout. It is a sequential series of fluidic yoga moves set to a unique combination of exhilarating rhythmic and soothing new age music. It is challenging, yet gentle and relaxing. CorYoga postures are designed specifically to restore vitality and youthfulness and are ideal for one who is mature and less flexible, regardless of one’s level of fitness. It is yoga you can do!

Why focus on a pain free back and spine?

For 27 years CorYoga Founder Lee Downer has lived with severe lower back pain, due to a herniated disc as well as degenerative disc disease (1975 to 2002). But from 2002 until now he has had absolutely no back pain. He developed CorYoga specifically to alleviate his back pain. Today he has no back pain and his success with CorYoga has changed his life and the lives of hundreds of his students as well. Through the regular use of CorYoga they no longer suffer the debilitating back pain that once plagued their lives. CorYoga can help almost anyone alleviate back pain and help restore one’s ability to enjoy a happy, active and pain free life. Check out our Testimonial Section.

Who is it for?

If you sit for long periods of time, as in an office, CorYoga is for you.
 If you stand for long periods of time, as in the case of retail workers, CorYoga is for you.
 If you want to learn headstands or handstands this style of yoga is not for you.
 However if you are looking to improve the quality of your life and retard your aging process, alleviate or eliminate your back pain, CorYoga is exactly right for you.


If you are experiencing back pain now, go to our video section and start streaming our CorYoga videos on demand now. Start the process of eliminating your back pain now. Why wait?